Our Purpose

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Welcome! At Hyped we are not only dedicated to  providing the highest quality athletic/athleisure apparel but also to helping others stay Hyped for their goals, dreams, and ambitions! We want everybody to achieve their goals and we are committed to helping out those in the Hyped Community who are passionate and energetic.

To help and support you and others within the Hyped Community, we need to hear what gets you Hyped! What goals are you determined to reach? What support do you need on your journey? --We want to help!

We promise to do everything within our power to help support and provide the resources you need in pursuit of your goals! - Seriously!

A piece of every sale is placed into our "Passion & Energy Project" fund. - which is how we support you and the things that get you Hyped!

So, don't be shy, let us know what gets you Hyped and your passion could be one of the many that we chose to back!
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As a new small business, Hyped Apparel is dedicated to doing things the right way. Our team tests every product we offer so that no matter what, our product remains tough and comfortable. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 

Passion + Hustle = HYPED

Why Get Hyped


The Apparel Industry Wants You To believe that High Quality means High Price. We are here to show you that not true!


We offer a 30-Day window for returns & exchanges on all products from the date the item is received.

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Support/Join Hyped apparel by becoming a brand ambassador! Be a part of the movement and earn awesome rewards!

Email Info@HypedApparel.com if you are interested in learning more. 

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You can reach us directly through our "contact us" page, by emailing info@hypedapparel.com or through our social media channels.

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