Passion & Hustle

For Those Who Demand Better

Amazing Benefits 

Why Get Hyped

Battle Tested

Top Tier Fabrics
We source our fabrics from around the world so that our apparel feels great and can survive the toughest workouts

Tailored Fit
We painstakingly tailor our clothes with every detail in mind. This way you feel free where needed and secure where it counts. We make sure that our fit is flattering and functional. Get Hyped today and see for yourself!

Focused On What Counts
The best athletes in the world aren't wearing graphic tees when practicing/performing. We believe that the most valuable aspect of athletic wear is its comfortability, functionality, and durability - and that's what we focus on.

We Go Further

Top Tier But NOT Top Price
The name brand apparel industry wants you to believe that top price means top quality, we are hear to show you thats not the case. Most expensive does not mean best quality, nor does cheapest mean the best value. We are top quality gear for those who are financially aware but desire the best!

30 Days!
We are confident you'll love getting Hyped that we have a 30- day refund/exchange policy. There really is no reason not to Get Hyped, it'[s risk free! Furthermore, our team is responsive and happy to answer any questions you might have!

Ambassador Program
Become a Hyped Brand Ambassador and earn rewards such as - free gear, vacations, and cold hard cash. To learn more, email with the subject "Brand Ambassador."


Our story began in the Summer 2020 at the height of the pandemic from a truck in Atlanta Georgia. Homeless, armed only with only a computer and a purpose, a brand was born!  Our passion for quality athletic, apparel combined with a "reap what you sow" mentality, created the energy in which Hyped Apparel was born.

We are the little guy, the underdog, the no name....we like it that way. It's the underdog mentality that keeps our product quality and customer service held to a higher standard . So no, we are not a household name, but everyone can achieve greatness, for no dream is to big if you are willing to put in the work! 


For those who ever felt like a Nobody, But are determined to be a Somebody


Our products bring together the highest quality fabrics and tailored designs to create something so comfortable and stylish that you'll be Hyped just to put it on! We believe in quality, care, and creating  products that last. So whether you are in the gym hitting the WOD or on the couch preparing for the day's 4th Zoom meeting, Hyped apparel will have you feeling and looking great! So, What do you get Hyped For?

Hyped Community

Join the Hyped Community and learn how you can earn rewards/free gear. You'll also be the first to learn about new drops and kept up-to-date on all Hyped news around the world (Our community is international!). Lastly, if you are someone who is chasing a goal but needs some extra support along the way, please reach out to us directly. We want to help you! We can only keep that which we give away, so Shoot us a DM or email to let us know what you get Hyped for -You could be the next spornosred Hyped Athlete!  

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